Safety Mission

The Safety Mission of Heli Source Ltd. is to create and uphold a safety culture which recognizes and values the protection of life, limb, property and the environment.  This will be accomplished through effective leadership which inspires and motivates our employees, contractors and clients to participate in meeting our safety goals and objectives.  Success will be achieved if we believe in the value and collective benefits of a safe working environment

Our Safety Goals

  • Annual SMS Plan
  • Effective safety and QA programs to meet customer expectations and minimize costs associated with ineffective risk management and control 
  • Delivery of efficient services without compromising safety
  • Reputation for having the best safety record in the helicopter industry
  • Ensure safety case is done on all new services and risk management measures are identified and implemented
  • Implement safety programs that minimize risk to personnel, equipment and the environment we work in
  • Implement safety systems and a process of continuous improvement that ensures safety performance meets internal and client standards measured through internal and external safety and regulatory audits
  • Implement safety systems that meet the standards and expectations of customers and regulatory agencies; achieve a safety record that exceeds customer thresholds; monitor processes and costs through audit programs and financial reporting systems to identify opportunities to improve safety and efficiency


Safety Management Systems (SMS)

The Heli Source management team has implemented a comprehensive and effective Safety Management System to meet client and Transport Canada standards for safety programs and performance. 


All personnel are given training in our safety programs, and safety performance is continuously monitored and measured by a safety management team. The objective is to have a process of continuous improvement, to effectively reduce and manage risk.